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June 22nd, 2010 by admin

There’s something about real amateur sex and this teenager couple is one of the cutest young teenager couples I’ve ever posted on this site. Poor Ricky was having a little trouble at first keeping a dick with the cameras there but he soon got over it and hammered his king-sized erection deep into his girlfriend’s tight teenager cunt. This bleached sandy loves it when her boyfriend spreads her butt cheeks and goes deep with his erection – you can see how hard he hammers her on Real Colorado girls so visit today.

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Watching real loves fuck one can always see both the excitement of the sex but you can also tell that they know what the other one likes. In this case, this sexy teenage girl likes to be on top and her boyfriend knows it. In each of their dozen or so shoots that this cute teenager couple made for Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado girls, Anistaija made sure that she got on top at least once – and usually more than that.

This was one of the first shoots this cute Colorado teenager couple ever made – but they made plenty more after this. You can see them all by joining Real Colorado girls today.


Teenager Teen – Your Sister Is A Sperm Tramp – Lainna White

June 19th, 2010 by admin

buddy, I know you had questions about your sister but bringing her to me so you could watch her fuck is a little weird. I know, I run that stupid add in the local paper asking pissed off brothers that yearn for to teach their little sisters a lesson to Bring Me Your Sister and I’ll teach them to have a little admiration for their brothers but Jesus, you were a little too excited to film your sister having sex – in fact, the way you looked at the little sperm-bimbo when she first flashed her beaver was just a little weird for me.  But I guess she got you back when she let me sperm in her mouth – then spit my sperm in your face….. sometimes filming your sister fucking is not all it’s trumped up to be. Of course, you did stop by and pick up your copy of the vid so I’m sure you’re at apartment spankin your monkey to your sister’s first smut vid as I type this….. Enjoy.


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You Filming Me Cuming In Your Sister’s Mouth

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Petite Girl Naked – Coed Couple Lets Me Video Them Fucking At My Apartment

June 18th, 2010 by admin

Anistaija and Ricky are a cute couple that I met at the carnival last weekend. They were all huggy and kissy and kept making out in front of everybody so I kinda figured they were the exhibitionist type. Now I’m nothing more than an old fucking pervert that likes to get teens to my flat so I can make homemade sex shoots of them fucking.

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I knew little Anistaija was sexy when I first spotted her at the carnival. She was wearing this sexy black top that accented her coed cleavage perfectly and a tight pair of blue blue jeans that gave a slight camel toe effect when she walked.

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What I didn’t know is that her little camel toe pussy was so fucking exquisite! This girl has one of the sexiest teen vaginas I’ve ever filmed – perfectly shaved and just swollen enough to make you hunger for to hammer it as hard and fact as you can.

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The second surprise was that Ricky had a jumbo penis! How the hell did this petite coed take such a big penis in such a pretty little pussy? Hell – these are just samples – you can see her sucking and fucking him for all she’s worth on my members only site.

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She also has a marvelous little ass – and I was totally shocked when she suck two of her fingers right up her fucking ass hole. This coed tramp like anal! As I’m filming, I can’t help but hope that she lets him hammer her tight coed asshole. And YES – coed anal sex filmed in my guest room – fuck me this is one hot coed couple! See the entire HQ video at www.glassmannequin.com – I later filmed this sexy couple a dozen more times for my viewing pleasure.


Petite Coed Undressed – Petite Amateur Teen Takes A King-sized Pecker

June 15th, 2010 by admin

Crystal is a petite little teenage black hottie that normally only fucks other teens but when she killed her brother’s exotic fish, he wanted a little retribution so he brought her to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister and pimped her petite butt out in her first and only amateur girl next door sister porno clip so he could buy new fish. Of course he never told her that he would be filming his sister having sex but she never asked either. When Crystal first saw the size of the guys schlong, she about walked out but her brother made his perverted little sister fuck the old guy even if it hurt her to have such a monster schlong in her tight little muffy. I this sister sex film, you get to see Theo filming his sister as she gets her shaved muffy licked. Watch and you can see his sister have quiet but real orgasm. If you yearn for to see her wince as the old fucker shoves his monster schlong in her petite muffy – you’ll have to download the entire shoot on Bring Me Your Sister – enjoy!


Naked Petite Girl – The Little Cunt Wrecked Her Brother’s Football Jarsey

June 13th, 2010 by admin

Diva fucked up! See, the little coed harlot threw a party at her brothers pad and while she was partying, she put on a signed football jersey of his and got pizza stains all over it. Now her brother wants a little payback – and since it would just be wrong for him to grudge-fuck his own sister, I told him I would do it for him – now ain’t that fucking kind of me? ;-)

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Poor little Diva was a bit pissed at first but I think she realized that the only way to get her brother off her back, was to let her brother make a clip of her fucking me. Did I mention that I love my work? Now I’ve never been with a black teen before but there’s a first time for everything. I was surprised at how cute her little snatch was. In fact, this petite little black babe knows how to suck an old man’s lonely dick.

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Now don’t get me wrong – I thing it’s just terrible for a loving brother to pimp out his little sister but what the fuck – I’m getting some superb coed snatch and we’re filming it so you can enjoy it too. It’s funny how many brothers get a raging fucking boner watching me fuck their sisters – sick fuckers! At least they have to keep the camera in their hands so they aren’t jerking off as they watch me fuck their sisters.

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Of course – it’s superb with me if you jerk of to the homemade vids of me fucking your sister – just bring her on by. Of course, if you’re a lover of sister porno, be sure to check out all of the sister vids at www.bringmeyoursister.com

Oh – and yes, I’ll post the rest of the vids next week.


Unclad Coed – Misbehaving School Girl Makes Homemade Smut

June 12th, 2010 by admin

OK – so I posted the first 6 shoots to this naughty schoolgirl last week – if you missed them, you should scroll back through the posts and check them out. And you should bookmark this page fucking so you don’t miss any of the unequaled homemade sex video clips that I post here.

Back to Violet – as you can see, by this point, she was riding my schlong like naughty little schoolgirl that she is. Her monster natural fun bags were bouncing and her round butt was looking fabulous riding on my monster throbbing schlong.

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And this petite schoolgirl can take some schlong. The harder I fucked her, the more she wanted. Slapping her butt just seemed to turn her on more and when I started choking her, her petite little cunt began contracting on my throbbing schlong. Damn – and these shoots are only low-quality – to see the HQ video clips, you should get a membership on Real Colorado girls.

Getting in behind her, I fucked the naughty little cunt dogie-style choking her with the tie of her uniform and pulling her back onto my monster schlong. Like most naughty schoolgirls, this really turned her on – making her spunk as she slammed back and forth on my throbbing schlong.

Rolling her on her side, I fucker her tight little schoolgirl beaver in the spoon position. This is one of my favorite positions because I can ram my schlong as deep as I yearn for and she can’t stop me. Of course, this naughty teenager likes it rough so it was unequaled for both of us. After she had multiple orgasms, I pulled out and shot hot sticky spunk all over her monster natural cans. Damn – that’s fucking hot. see more on Real Colorado girls

So, if you would like to see more of Violet, then you really need to check her and her naughty friends out on our paysite www.realcoloradogirls.com. join today and get unlimited access to two additional exclusive girl next door teenager sites; www.glassmannequin.com and www.bringmeyoursister.com – watch real girls having real sex on camera for the first time.


Coed Nude – Say Hi To Mom And Dad – Kaydence Sky

June 11th, 2010 by admin

Kaydence Sky’s brother was excited to see his sisters muffy closeup for the first time. The fact that he was holding a scene camera meant he would be able to take his amateur girl next door video of his little sister fucking apartment watch it in private – now I’m not saying he jerked off to the coed scene of this old bastard fucking his little sister – but my cash is on her brother wanking to the scene of his sister fucking.  Kaydenc’s brother was so into the filming of his sister that he even asked her to “say hi to mom and dad” – maybe he showed the scene to the entire family……..   If you like this sister sex video film, you will love all the nasty sisters fucking on Bring Me Your Sister – check it out today.


Petite – Mr Richard’s Neighborhood Friend

June 10th, 2010 by admin

Being the kind neighbor that I am, I’m always ready to help my neighbor’s daughters in any way I can and poor little Violet was having trouble sleeping so I invited her over to sleep with me. Now what could be more neighborly?

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Of course, fucking her tight coed pussy as hard as I can always makes her tired so I do it whenever she has trouble sleeping. In fact, I’ve made over 200 videos of me fucking the neighborhood teens that live in Mister Richard’s Neighborhood – nasty teens, shy teens, petite teens, tattooed teens, pierced teens and more. It’s good to live in Mr Richard’s Neighborhood ;-)

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Petite Teen Naked – Ricky’s Little Sister

June 9th, 2010 by admin

Some guy;s sister’s just can’t help but fuck things up – and Ricky’s sister is no exception. When Violet decided to play with her brother’s play-station without his permission, she probably didn’t plan on pulling hooter off the TV and wrecking it but WTF – the little cunt did wreck it and she had no fucking way to pay her brother back. petite of fucking and letting him film it. In this real homemade sex film, you get to watch a brother filming his sister fucking an older guy – as payback!

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Lucky for me – I’m the older guy ;-)
See – I run an add in the local paper asking guys if their sister has ever pissed them off – and giving them a way to extract a bit of payback on the little sluts. You would be amazed at how many brothers jump at the chance to film their little sisters in their first porno movie.

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For some sister’s it’s a real punishment but I get the sneaky feeling that Violet got a bit turned on fucking me as her brother filmed her – sick little cunt! And fuck me she did! This petite coed sure knew how to suck a guys boner! and that was just a start – soon she was taking my substantial boner deep in her petite teen cunt – and I was fucking loving it!

Of course – as always – I have the entire homemade movie for you to watch at www.bringmeyyoursister.com so be sure to check out Violet and Ricky and all of the other sick fucking brothers and sisters there.

Papa GMP

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Bare Petite Coed – Caught In The Office

June 5th, 2010 by admin

Butterfly thought she was alone when she snuck into my office and started surfing porno while on the clock. What she didn’t know is that I had recently installed a new surveillance system that monitored the office. As soon as she entered, my cell phone rang and I headed to the office. Sure enough, the mischievous brunette had her cotton panties pulled aside and was playing with her little teenager cunt. Busted! See more here:

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What I didn’t expect, was for her to try to fuck her way out of trouble. Shit, the little cunt was willing to fuck me just of keep me from reprimanding her little ass. Or maybe she had planned it all and just wanted to fuck the boss. Either way, the little cunt had no idea that the whole process was being filmed. And she sure as hell has no idea that I put the vid her on the internet for you to all enjoy. I put the full-length vid on my main website at www.realcoloradogirls.com

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I love devouring cunt – and tight shaved teenager cunt is the best there is. And Butterfly has one of the sexiest little cunts I’ve ever eaten. Fuck, I could skip lunch ever day if I could only talk the little hussy into letting me lick her cunt every day. Maybe I’ll black-mail her skinny ass with this video……. That way, I could put a new amateur vid on Real Colorado teenagers every day!

I need to run now but I’ll post the rest of Butterfly’s fuck shoots tomorrow – be sure to check back. Or y6ou can see the full-sized shoots here: www.realcoloradogirls.com


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