Coed Girl Disrobed – Violet Likes Mr Richard’s Substantial Boner

February 28th, 2010 by admin

There are few teenagers that I would rather fuck that Violet. This nasty young mom has a super tight little pussy and a top-notch set of oversized natural boobs. At only 4 foot 11 inch, taking a 8 inch pecker is no little feat but this petite coed manages to take it like a champ – in fact she gives a pretty decent bj too.

VioletLittle amateur teen petite brunette orgasm bnts xxxp gnd

teenager Loves oversized pecker

We shot this extreme shoot one afternoon when Volet was feeeling a little itch and it shows in the pics and video clip of this forward teenager floozy. Violet was needing some hard pecker and she knew where to get it. Lucky for you, she let me film it and you can check out all the pics and videos at

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Petite Teen – Brother Takes Pics Of His Sister Fucking

February 27th, 2010 by admin

When Violet broke her brother’s PlayStation she knew she would have to pay him back but she had no clue that he would be pimping her out to an older guy that made sister porno as retribution on sisters that had screwed their brothers over. And she sure as hell didn’t think that her brother would be sticking around and filming her having sex. What her brother didn’t figur on was how easy it would be to get his little sister to do her first smut. Within minutes, then 4?11? teenager was getting her muff licked as her brother filmed it.

VioletLittle petite brunette amateur bnts hym xxxp sisp shaved gnd

Ricky Pimps His Little Sister Violet

Ricky must have enjoyed filming his sister fucking because he got a lot of nice closeups of his sister’s muff as the older guy rammed his fat erection deep in her teenager cunt.  In fact, he even made sure he caught her immense natural titties flopping around as she got hammered by the old guy’s fat erection. After watching the scene, I’m pretty sure his little sister was turned on by her brother filming her – she had at least two orgasms so it couldn’t bee all that bad. The next day, her brother called me and asked if he could get a copy of the scene – fucking pervert!

Her Brother Films As The Older Man Fucks His Sister

Her Brother videos As The Older Man Fucks His Sister

If you lust after to video your own sister, go to Bring Me Your Sister and fill in the contact us form.

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Bare Petite Teen – Jessie Jordan

February 26th, 2010 by admin

Jessie Jordan Jessie Jordan

Jessie Jordan @ Talk about a study in contrasts! We have petite 18 year old teenager cum dumpster Jessie Jordan, and Jack Napier’s forearm sized length of black roundsteak! The shoot starts out with Jessie posing in a bikini on the hood of Jack’s 68 Chevy Impala. Once they pull the ride in the garage, Jessie strips out of her swimwear, and Jack unleashes his black python. Jessie drops to her knees and feasts on this good-sized slab of manmeat, then decides it’s time to try and stuff this king-sized into her petite size 0 hole. It’s shocking to see this mini-cum dumpster penetrated by this humongous sperm cannon! After enjoying various positions, she kneels again and makes a meal of it!

Jessie Jordan Jessie Jordan

Visit, dwelling of the Dogfart Series for more of Jessie Jordan

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Petite Teen – Pink Pussy Black Schlong

February 25th, 2010 by admin

Cute hard-bodied teenagers are always nice to see undressed but watching cute teenagers having their first interracial sex experience get me a raging fucking schlong every damn time. It’s even better when the girl is a petite hard-bodied coed like Peach. Shit, her mane makes me think of seeing the first photograph of a black erection forced into her shaved little “peach”.

redhead teen booty interracial xxxp Ready For A Black Cock

Ready For A Black erection

Now the real question…..  will she take it in the butt? Damn, that would be nice – a mammoth black erection stuffed deep between her round little butt white cheeks. If you like Interracial anal sex, my bet is this cute redhead will take it in the butt. Of course, to see if this petite cutie took a mammoth black erection in the butt, you should visit White teenagers – Black dicks.

Does She Take It In The Ass?

Does She Take It In The butt?

Peach gets errant in her first interracial sex shoot.

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Nekkid Teenager – Kissing Lesbos

February 24th, 2010 by admin

If you like to watch kissing cunt-munchers, then you’re going to love watching the petite Latina 18 year old Honey kissing her girlfriend, Rene. As I said in earlier posts, these teenager cunt munchers had been together before but has never let anyone shoot them before. In fact, the only place you can watch the entire video these teenagers kissing in on Glass Mannequin. In fact, we have a lot of prime amateur teenager cunt-munchers kissing and fucking on Glass Mannequin visit today to see our newest carpet-muncher updates,

HoneyDew ReneKeith lcm gkg shaved tattooed brunette

As always, stay posted for more first-class homemade smut – or you can always check out my members sites for all the exclusive muff you desire. Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado teenagers and Glass Mannequin – join one and get the other two free.

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Coed – Are You Really Gonna Pimp Me?

February 22nd, 2010 by admin

My brother’s a erection-sucker. Sure I fucked my brother’s football jersey up but that gave him no right to pimp me out as retribution. But sure enough, without telling me, he took me to this old pasty white dude’s pad and told me I had to fuck the pasty old fucker or he would kick my butt. It’s bad enough fucking a guy over twice my age but fucking him while my brother filmed it was really fucking sick.

DivaDuz amateur ebony teen plts tits skinny petite shaved xxxp sisp gnd ondny

Pimping My Little Sister

I don’t think my brother pimped me out as retribution – I think my brother really just wanted to see his sister nude, with her legs spread and a big erection buried deep in his sister’s little pussy – sick fucker. In fact, I think he did it so he could return to and show the clip of his sister fucking to all his friends – what kind of loving brother would show scenes of his sister taking a big hard erection in her petite little pussy to his friends?

Filming My Sister

Filming My Sister

Well, my sick fucking brother would – not only did he film me fucking, he got plenty of closeups of my little teen pussy taking the old guy’s big erection. My brother must really be into “sister smut” for him to humiliate me like this. Of course, I don’t have to tell my brother that i kinda liked the guy’s erection in me. In fact, I really enjoyed having him ram his erection deep in my pussy as he played with my puffy clitoris. I almost forgot my brother was filming me as I had my first orgasm.

Fucking His Sister

Fucking His Sister

I didn’t tell my brother, but after all the excitement of having him film me in my first smut clip, I decided to do a few more explicit fuck scenes with the old guy at, He put these on his other sites for you to enjoy.  Of course, you can see the entire clip that my brother made of me by visiting and for a petite time, you get full access to all the sites I’ve ever appeared on – see me sucking erection, licking pussy, and playing with sex toys.

Join and see Diva Duz fucking plus get full access to and as a bonus.

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Petite Coed – My Weekend Strip Club Visits

February 20th, 2010 by admin

Colorado has some unspoiled titty bars and I try to visit all of them at least once a year. I known it’s a rough life but someone’s got to do it.

Friday night found me at first-class TnT’s in Colorado Springs checking out the new teen, Foxy! By now, you all know I love perky little cans and Foxy has a pair of the sexiest little titties I’ve ever……. well, you’ll have to guess what I wanted to do with her titties. She also has a cute tattoo on her right leg that’s worth checking out.  I got a few dances from Foxy and as always a few from the hot little ink-tart Diva Duz. Diva is one sexy petite black honey and a whole lot of fun.

interracial teen orgy amateur xxxp bnts plts hym VioletLittle DivaDuz

Diva is seen here with our hot young mom, Violet Little just before I fucked them both. Diva has undamaged little perky cans and a super grand little ass and Violet has a undamaged pair of monstrous natural cans that are unsurpassed for titty-fucking.

You can see more of Diva on Colorado’s hottest new porno site


Teen Girl – I Love Perverted Sisters

February 19th, 2010 by admin

Some sisters should just be spanked – and some brothers like to shoot their sisters getting spanked – so I guess it’s only natural that the neighborhood thugs all bring their little sisters over so they can shoot me ass whipping them.

spanking his sister NaughtyLittleHannah xxxp sisp brunette teen amateur 1tm spanking petite plts gnd

Sure, it

But seriously, I run this stupid add in the local news paper and these crazy dudes are always dropping by with their sisters in tow wanting me to fuck them so the sick brothers can shoot their sisters in their first smut video clips. It seem some little sisters just can’t manage to stay out of trouble.  In Naught Little Hanna’s case, the little whore had fucked her 1/2 brother’s dad……   and her 1/2 brother was pissed and wanted her punished. I did have to ask myself as I was fucking his little sister, and he was filming it, which one of these sick siblings was more forward? The sister that would fuck her mother’s ex-husband or the sick brother that wanted to shoot his sister in her first smut video clip?

filming his sister fuck

Me Fucking His Sister

My guess is that they are both a little off-center…. And I kinda like that ;-)

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Naked Petite Teenager – My Fucking Sister’s Firm Cans And Shaved Cunt

February 18th, 2010 by admin

My youngest sister is usually a little shy so when she owed me bucks for wheels repairs (the little cunt wrecked my wheels) and couldn’t pay me back, I decided to pimp her little butt out in her first porno video clip. I had already pimped our middle sister, Holie, but I’m pretty sure Holie never told Anistaija that she had been pimped. Anyway, Anistaija had been sneaking my wheels out when I was asleep and this time she wrecked it – and I wanted the bucks to repair it. And since the little cunt has no job, I figured she could put her firm tits, round butt, and shaved teen cunt to work to pay me back.

Anistaija petite brunette amateur teen sisp xxxp bfc gnd skinny plts tits shaved lbts

My cute sister before her first porno video clip.

I know the old fucker that runs Bring Me Your Sister was happy when I showed up on his porch and I was a little excited to see another of my sister’s fucking and even more excited to shoot it. And I’m not real sure how my youngest sister would handle a huge hard boner stuffed deep in her shaved teen cunt. So after the old guy told her what was going down, he handed me a camera started in on my sister. He was soon taking her clothes off and playing with her tits – and damn, my sister’s all have grand tits, firm and perky like I like them.

The old guy squeezes my little sister's firm titties

The old guy squeezes my little sister’s firm teen tits.

The best part came as I filmed the older guy sliding his hard boner into my sister’s shaved cunt for the first time. I know I’m a little sick but filming porno and filming “sister porno” is my favorite pastime and as long as I have sister’s that piss me off, I’ll be dragging my little teen butt in front of the camera and filming them fucking. If you like sister porno as much as I do, you really need to checkout my friends site:

The old guy gets ready to fuck my sister.

The old guy gets ready to fuck my sister.

This guy has some of the best sister porno on the internet, including this top-notch shoot I did of my sister Anistaija – being able to shoot my sisters for his site was a real turnon for me. I also like checking out the other sisters on his site - I think you will too.


Teenager Nekkid – Two Dongs Inside Petite Brunette

February 17th, 2010 by admin

This angel is obsessed about hard sex. When she wants to fuck it means that she wants to seduce two dudes into enjoying wild games. And what is more exciting, the cutie is ready to take penises into all her three holes by turns.

She is really wonderful, right? Anyway, that night she tricked two lads into placing their penises at the disposal of her lips, throat, slit and blind eye. She had to work hard in order to fulfill the desires of her fuckers and to get stuffed with semen. Download the full length HD video clip at and learn other things about the crazy anal three-some.

Click here to see all these coed anal shoots now!

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